The fight of faith

Le combat de la foiIt is the history of the early hours of the evangelical work in the Ministry of the explanation of the book. It is with fear and trembling that we present this book.

Indeed, it is since 1985 that the Man of GOD, Nestor TOUKEA, had entrusted one of his youngest colleagues the task to gather and put in order, all the elements necessary for the true relationship in the history of the universal work, under his Ministry. Because “verba volant, scripta manent”: the words fly but the writings remain and serve as proof.

Author: “This book is authentic and trustworthy testimony .Its scope is neither controversial nor provocative, but essentially fraternal .It stimulates Christians to fight tirelessly for the cause of GOD, being assured of victory..! Driven by the Spirit of GOD, I have to publish this book with the intention to persuade you that the Bible is the infallible word of GOD to those who put it in practicewithout distraction. “

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