The latest issue of the announcement reminded us according to the calendar of activities for the month of May, the holding of a major evangelistic Campaign at Kombou, village in the district of Babadjou located at the boundary between the Northwest and West.


The chosen venue for the campaign was the large crossroads, main focal point and trade area of Kombou ‘population which could not be more ideal and appropriate place for the occasion; and which moved the Gospel caravan made up of an army of soldiers of Christ ready to snatch the men of Kombou living under the bondage of our common enemy the devil for the Kingdom of GOD.


The Prayer which began on Monday, May 26, 2014, saw the mobilization of a large number of beloved, especially with regard for those of Bamenda. A team was there as early as Monday for the construction of the podium, raising awareness through posters; invitation cards marked the program of evangelization, Gospel tracts (The faith that saves, the true baptism…), megaphone etc. Kombou being an area without an Assembly of the True Church of God of Cameroon; the occasion was already suitable for the creation of one in that locality. A House was rented not far from the main crossroads and roadside, to serve as Assembly, marked by a plaque bearing the words «True Church of God of Cameroon-Assembly of Kombou».


It is an evangelical cohort that has spilled out in Kombou this weekend, insofar as, Mbanga, Dschang, Mbouda, Bafoussam, Galim, Batcham, Bamenda … were represented. It was noted the strong mobilization of beloved of the Northwest who have considerably invested themselves in the event. The cantors, heavily represented by those of Bambili and Foncha Street, have made all their zeal to keep the attention of Kombou Population by beneficial decibels sung the glory of the LORD GOD Almighty. Friday to Saturday, the evangelist the Servant of GOD Jonas NGASSA will deploy vigorously to challenge men to repentance, revealing through the Word of God works of the enemy, assisted by the interpreter Brother Charles KEIGA and the reader Brother Roger NJIMAN.


He will go so all-out in the word of God, draw the divine substance; including by the passage of Genesis 3: 8 saying:

«Upon arriving in this village, God was already there asking you: what are you doing? Where are you going? Your works follow you and because of your works you act like Adam and Eve. Adam had sinned against God by eating the forbidden fruit and ended up naked. Being embarrassed, he sought the leaves to overlap. He committed all this in the day, he sinned against God; but in his love; towards evening comes GOD; as you too, you cheek, you sin, you betray to spillage during the days of your life, but at the end of your life, God will also come as he did with Adam, as on this occasion, God comes to speak to you. They are hidden because their deeds are evil, even today you hide because you sin, and that God does not put the eye on you because you live in sin. You do not want to hear that word because you are prostitute; you fear that we will say that the prostitution is not good. By saying so, you will see as if it is you alone that I pointed out and that is why you prefer to run away because you are a liar, a thief, etc.. Your sins make you flee. The Lord asks you: where are you? Marianne, Pauline Thomas, John, Peter, where are you? You hide because your works, your life condemn you. Even if you refuse Jesus, this does not prevent you to be judged because your works follow you; the sentencing is on you. But the Lord Jesus came, so that in accepting him as your Lord and Savior, he forgives your sins, he removes your transgressions and grants you peace. The sentence which should fall on you, he takes it upon himself.

In John 3: 18 «He that believeth in Jesus, he is considered more, because he took upon himself our sins, he is responsible for our pain, so we are not more condemned; If you believe in him, you do not come into judgment, because Jesus Christ justified you. But he that believeth not, the sentence is already pronounced; he disbelieved this hand stretched of the Lord, this love of the Lord toward him. It is a very serious fault to know that you was sentenced and put to the death, but Jesus Christ who has not sinned agreed to wear your conviction. He tells you: Leave, I will take your place so that you may live and you did not accept his love. He did it and was killed, and the only requirement is to recognize that it is for you that he died, but you are not able to do so. Imagine what will be the consequences of your action, the wrath of God upon you… Matthew 11: 28 here, it is Jesus who says, this wonderful Jesus, this admirable Jesus, this powerful Jesus, he says that he wants to give you life, he wants also to be your friend, he wants to enter your life and save you, meet Jesus tonight and you will experience that true happiness.. »


Follow on, the evangelist renews his invitation to the people of kombou and its surroundings to come to the worship service stood in the aftermath of Saturday from 9:00 Am in the Assembly of the True Church of God of Cameroon of Kombou: Special worship service and inauguration of the area’s Assembly.


The weather was very favorable and all held in very good conditions. Three new ones showed up on Sunday at the special worship service which was at the same time a closing worship service of the evangelical action as an opening worship service of the Assembly of Kombou. The end of the worship service gave way to rejoicing papillary which allowed once more everyone to achieve an energy boost before the multiples departures to various destinations.


Everything is now placed into the hands of the Lord for him to work more so that Kombou be given to us as an inheritance. It is therefore important for everyone to take this to heart and support the Evangelical action by prayer.

So here we are at Kombou, we were there and we will be there until the coming of the Lord Jesus-Christ by his grace.


Brother Stephen KENOU

                                                                                                                                               (Radio J2R)

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