Announcements of April – May 2014.

Find attached the bulletins of Announcements of the months of April and May 2014.


Editor’s Note

Beloved (s) in the Lord, alleluia!
Constants are my joy and gratitude to the Lord by finding you every month through this editorial Bulletin of announcements to keep you inform about the news of the Work that we received at our Press Room. We give glory to God for the life He renews in us every day, since the return of the Universal Convention. He gave us to enter the year of evangelization, and from all over, he grants the opportunity to speak about him to Men. With much gratitude, let us honor him in the name of Jesus -Christ our Savior and Brother who gave His life to redeem us from death.
We were unable to send you your newsletter of announcements for the month of April as usual because of our multiple occupations and the travel which we made for the evangelical mission in Dubai. We thank the Lord who gives us to print this 127th edition of your monthly information in this 12th year of its existence. Indeed, the Bulletin of announcements was printed for the first time in May 2002. Since then, it has been published regularly each month. We say thanks to the Lord for his support, and thanks to all those who have encouraged us in this work. We thank the Lord that supports the Evangelical action since the beginning of the year and has given to his Anointed and his ministers to tread for the third time the Asian ground of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This mission, several were able to follow from start to the end through the reportage that the CTA has provided throughout this mission. Everyone was able to come into knowledge of the teaching provided by the Man of God during this mission. For those who have not had the opportunity to enter into possession of the teachings, they can catch up by going to the site of the Church or on the blog of Pastor Landry at the address:
This visit has been a great success with the Evangelical talk, worship service with presentation of child and evenings of edification. It continues with Pastor TCHANA Landry who is still in Dubai. The Man of God and his sequel had returned to Cameroon on April 16, 2014.We rejoiced by following live Convention of Tchad in N’Djamena, the first of its kind organized in this country, according to the program received during the 2013 Convention. It was actually the first convention and not the retreat. The testimonies establish that this first Convention held outside the country, in one of our Missions was a great success, due to the number of participants, provided teachings, by the hand of the Lord that has supported his Anointed at this gathering, then manifested through the multiple signs and healings. We thank the Lord who has granted the prayer of his people, protecting our brothers to the go and the return of this long journey. We have praised the Lord who saved the brethren from highwaymen. Having met them between Garoua and N’Gaoundéré, they miraculously came out: The shots fired at their car failed to hurt them. We say thank you to God for this great deliverance.
We are in the fourth month of “Evangelical year” 2014, the program that we have received at the Universal Convention in Mombo. It is up to every Christian to work his life to be in this program that is individually and collectively. It should seek to settle all its actions, so that they are evangelical: work, home, health, marriage, clothing, children’s education, the testimony … Each Assembly should also incorporate this program into its activities.
In this regard, the place of youth is prominent. Since it is the spearhead of a nation, it must be worthy of grace that the Lord has made. Therefore, it must be due to its strength, dedication and a lively youth for CHRIST.

We thank the Lord for the grace that he has given to our children, in their majority, to finish the second quarter in good conditions. We know that holidays are a break to prepare for the final assault. In reality, there is not about resting on their laurels; this time should instead allow children to prepare well to overdrive to finish the year with success, for the glory of the Lord. Seniors should help the cadets to not indulge in distraction. With the help and support of parents, they have to make upgrades and rehearsals.

Searching the archives of the Church, we found a circular letter from the Man of God which dates from 1972. It is a call to prayer in difficult time in accordance with the word of God in Joel Joe 2:16. Indeed, given the difficult time they had, Sentinel sounded the trumpet, giving them instructions to follow in order to attract God’s grace. We wanted to bring this letter to the attention of all so everyone knows what reflex should happen in him or in the Assembly when times are tough. This is the old paths that unfortunately we forgot. This of 42 years writing reminds us what the Holy Spirit has taught to the Church for the difficult times and which is also useful to our days. JESUS does not change. What was useful for the salvation of men yesterday is also for us today.

Besides, you will find in this current Bulletin of announcements our usual features. We thank all those who find their joy in the blessings of the Lord and encourage us in this information work by sending us announcements. We hope to see you in the joy of the Lord next month with the news of Dubai.

The Director of Publishing and
Pastor TCHANA Landry


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  1. Guy Ronsard Reply

    Que l’Eternel est Merveilleux. Nous lui rendons gloire pour les bonnes nouvelles qui nous viennent de part et d’autre dans l’oeuvre. Bénit soit l’Eternel qui nous a fait grâce de connaître ces choses.

  2. KENOU Stephan Reply

    Que c’est bon de servir l’Eternel de tout son coeur car c’est alors que l’on expérimente toute la plénitude de sa grâce. Nous redons gloire à Dieu pour toutes ces nouvelles

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