Dubaï: The Man of God is back to Cameroon

The man of God NESTOR TOUKEA left Dubai after an instructive mission.

For the edification of the body of Christ, here is the exhortation he gave during his last evening building-up meeting on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. Thereafter, the pastor Paulain TCHANA is still in Dubai for a few days.

We keep asking prayer for God’s work, in its small beginnings in this part of the World


Evening Meeting on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is it ignorance that led Adam and Eve to sin? No. We can see this by reading Genesis 3:1-6

Eve had never forgotten this tree but it lacked only an opportunity, an excuse to take the fruit and eat. It was this love of eating.

Let think about everything we sin. We sin as Adam and Eve. All those who Sin are like Adam and Eve. They know well that God forbid evil they want to do, but this is just the opportunity which lack them. Even if someone says ‘it placed it in my hands…, it forced me to do this or that’ it would not render innocent you. Even if a stranger comes in a House tell the child to steal bananas and it does, and the fact is that the child already had it at heart.

Man knows sin and the consequences of sin, but by bad heart he decided to sin. He knows what he’s doing is not good. He is initiated by his meditation of sin. When he is initiated, he moves on like a rabid dog.

In her reply, the woman shows that she doubted the word of God and anyone who doubts the word of God is a danger. Just what God says will be accomplished. Anyone who wants to obey it should do so.

Note that what God has said is going to be accomplished. If we want eternal life we must remember this. Man knows what is prohibited, and is that voluntary human sins and disobeying the word of God. It is impossible to give a reason for sin. Neither poverty nor whatever can push into sin.

God has given all the necessary measures to escape sin. The key is to stay away from fun. Sin goes with its consequences. When someone sins, there are consequences and those consequences do not hide. As far as sin is there, it remains with its consequences. The advice I can give everyone is to offload all its difficulties on God. As much as you remain in evil, all you suffered the consequences.

More often the devil attracts the Man by deception. We should check is there is someone who has taken advantage of the fruit of evil. Since the world exists that has never been.

Why despite the consequences of sin do people always evil?

This is because they love sin. The love of sin is the marriage with the devil. You do not quit easily. For example: There is often a man who hits his wife and it goes to the point that it can be sure she will not come back, but then she always comes back; this because of the bond of marriage between them and that is not yet broken. This is what is it here. He who sins is because he loves sin and sin also loves and cannot easily be separated….

The snake did not ask what tree it was. The devil has not even told her to take and eat, but she knew what tree it was and is herself who decided to take the fruit and eat.

He that committedsinloved it at all times.

Eve ate the fruit and gave also to her husband. This was not the first time they have talked about the subject

For someone to sin is that on several occasions his consciousness was found thereon. For someone to steal he thought about it for a long time but he did not have the opportunity to do so. As soon as the opportunity arises he performed ​​his act.

The man was instructed in Genesis 2: 16. Even today we must respect what God prohibits. The consequences of disobedience will show whatever the case. God is not overdue consequences. The Christian should remain firm as the song says “Satan appeared to Job …”

The man who wants to obey must stand firm in the faith. Let everyone know that God speaks only once and that is enough. Thou shall say: as I denied yesterday, I refuse today, and I would deny tomorrow.

Evil cannot seek to come to someone and he said only “JESUS save me.” He is there for that purpose. It is voluntarily that we are given to evil. Any time that evil comes, the Lord warns you and gives you opportunities to get out, but it is voluntarily that you fall into sin according to James 1:14.

Any justification cannot give right to sin.

God does no grant any prayer. Prayer must be logical.



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