The CHAD’s Convention in N’djamena


Chad convention will take place from 06 to 08 March 2015 in N’Djamena at Kamnda conventional camp (Mission of the True Church of God in Chad).

The convention will be broadcast live online. The references for the release will be published later.

February 2015’ Bulletin of announcements

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Beloved in the Lord Jesus-Christ, hallelujah!

The overflowing heart of joy, I find you through this first edition of our newsletter announcements for the year 2015, and invite you to resume in chorus with me these few words of Lamentations 3: 22-23: «The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness». At the only Lord be glory now and forever, to the victorious name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

By GOD’s grace, we made a happy travel for the Mombo Universal Convention and each returned to his house in peace. We have exalted the glory of the Lord and the power of His Word to Mombo. For more than four days, there he has gathered his people from around the world for the feast of the Explanation of the Book. More than 20,000 people have indeed spent unforgettable moments in this locality. They came to hear the Word of GOD and be cured of their multiple diseases; More than 900 were counted!

By GOD’s grace, we have just gone through the first month of 2015. It is true that this crossing was not full of colors; it was made here and over there in pain. We know that the Lord comforts his people more than any other person on the earth. We also know to understand the will of GOD in the most difficult times, and further sharpen our love for Him in the days that he lends us on the earth, awaiting our day and the great event: the Banquet of the lamb with all the saints and holy angels of GOD.

It is for this reason that we must not stop be grateful to him in all things. Glorify GOD is an obligation for the saved. Indeed, the Apostle Paul tells us that we are saved to serve to the praise of the glory of GOD (Eph 1: 12-14). The Lord JESUS-CHRIST said in his prayer: «I have given them the glory which you have given me, which they may be one as we are one» (John 17:22). The glory that JESUS CHRIST has given us is that we have the authority over demons and their works, said the Man of GOD during the Servants of GOD’s meeting at Ngousso on January 7, 2015. Give glory to GOD is to publicly acknowledge that what we have is not the result of our competence, but of God alone. The Apostle Paul expressed it well when he said: «But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to GOD and not to us » (2 Cor 4: 7). The story of the 10 lepers in Luke 17: 12-19 shows us that GOD wants us to give him glory. JESUS-CHRIST was outraged to see that from the 10 lepers healed only the Samaritan came back to give glory to GOD, falling on his face at the feet of Jesus. And as a result of this recognition, he will be told by the Lord: « Rise and go your way, your faith has saved you».

Let agree here that the Leper wanted only the healing. However after obtained it from JESUS, he came back to thank him and acknowledged before men that it is JESUS-CHRIST who is the author or his issuance. He left saved while the 9 others were not saved.Yet salvation is more important than the cure of leprosy. The MAN of GOD has repeatedly said in 2014 that GOD calls His glory. Let’s not just be those who spend time doing strength requests to GOD; also let be those who render to GOD His glory. Don’t we sing, «What Jesus wants it’s His glory and holiness»? It does not give glory to GOD in secret as do several, since GOD himself did not make us feel good on the sly. He requested that we gave him glory before men, so that ignorant acknowledge the omnipotence of the Creator. Give glory to GOD, it is not just coming to thank him; it is also leading a life that don’t make him upset. It is to live as God wants in recognition of what good GOD has made to us: JESUS-CHRIST died so that we might live. What actions can we take to the delight if not to live for him? Escape the sin is to give glorify to GOD. JOB gave glory to GOD, and the LORD was pleased and proud of him. He feared GOD and turned evil; and on the earth, GOD saw that Job honored him.

Beloved, my wish at the beginning of 2015 is that it is one year for each intended to give glory to God. The Lord calls his glory to all men who do not even want to recognize him as GOD. To force them to recognize his omnipotence, he sends calamities. It should not be the same for the people who claim to him. Read in meditation the passage from Jeremiah 13: 15-17 to understand the requirement of GOD about it and the consequences of ingratitude. It says: «Hear and give ears! Be not proud! For the Lord has spoken. Give glory to the Lord your God, before he brings darkness, before your feet stumble on the twilight mountains, and while you look for light, he turns it into gloom and make it gross darkness. But if you will not listen, my soul will weep in secret for your pride; my eyes will weep bitterly and run down with tears, because the LORD’s flock has been taken captive».

In this issue we are back especially on the conditions for admission to the school of marriage. This information is important for all the beloved, especially those who are soon to come. Thus, we found worth remembering all the provisions of the Church on that subject.

We ask all the beloved to send us the articles of their respective localities (Birth Announcements, wedding, assignment, meetings …) and we will be happy to have correspondents in all the ecclesiastical departments.
Hoping to see you for the next month, beloved, I wish you a good read and the peace of GOD being with you in the name of JESUS-CHRIST.

The Director of Publishing and Communication
Rev. TCHANA Landry

The Canada Year-end gathering


We thank Lord for the success of our year-end gathering.

It took place from 27 to 28 December 2014 in Montreal in a meeting-room set-up for the occasion.

The day of December 27 begins with animation, followed by the performance of the hymn N° 769 and the opening prayer made by the Delegate Pastoral Constant Noutchogwe.

The delegate Pastoral Constant Noutchogwe will then take the floor in order to thank the Lord for the meeting-room that he has given to us for this gathering. It is an opportunity to recall the beginnings of the God’s work in the Canada and its progress to date.

 We then entered in the gathering’s topics.

The Sanctification

 The Sanctification is the action of making Saint, by removing from his life everything that is not pleasing to God (In the language, gaze, thoughts, clothing, behavior and all our actions). It is through the sanctification that we approach God. The Lord required it for his people since ancient times (Leviticus 19, 2). Without Holiness, no one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12: 14). Thus, anyone who wants to see the Lord intervene in his life during his days of pilgrimage and meet with him in the coming Kingdom shall be sanctified. Regardless of the country or the continent where it is located, God’s requirements are the same. It is the word of God who sanctifies us (John 17, 17). So it must be put into practice without being a forgetful listener. The example of Job, he who is sanctifies must also sanctify his house watching over her husband and her children. Sanctification is not limited to personal life, but it is also in the Assembly. In an Assembly, evil must be exposed and everyone must tell the truth to his brother.

God’s Grace

 GOD’s grace is an unmerited favor or help that God gives us. Whoever wants the GOD’s grace must avoid evil (Romans 6: 1-2). He who loves the GOD’s Grace rejoices when the Lord grants grace to his brother. He is not jealous or sad because his brother had a grace that he not yet has.

Everyone should at all times seek GOD’s grace in prayer with sanctification, because it preserves us from danger and gives us salvation (Titus 2: 11-13). GOD’s grace, more precious than gold and silver, gives us everything we need for our full potential in all areas of life (spiritual, physical, social, professional, family, etc.). It gives peace, health, safety, work, marriage, social success, eternal life. The lack of GOD’s grace makes difficult the perseverance with trials that make life bitter.

 When the Lord grants us his grace, we should not be proud as if it were a merit on our part or the fruit of our efforts. We must humble ourselves, humble ourselves and live in obedience to the Word of GOD to keep His favor

The Holy Spirit

 The Holy Spirit is the power of God promised by the Lord Jesus- Christ before he ascended into Heaven (acts 1, 8). It is the father and the son coming to live in the heart of the believer (John 14, 23). It is the seal of redemption, a guarantee of salvation in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1, 13-14; Ephesians 4: 30). The baptism in the Holy Spirit is essential for every Christian. He who comes to JESUS must repent and convert and the Lord will baptize him in the Holy Spirit; because God gives the Holy Spirit to those who obey him (John 14, 15; Acts 5, 32). One who has not yet experienced this grace should continue to assess his life to put everything in order, and then the Lord will visit him as he had visited his disciples gathered in the upper room the day of Pentecost. Speaking in language is the initial sign of the baptism in the Holy Spirit (Acts 2, 1-5). The original sign, not the final sign, because the Holy Spirit is a spirit of wisdom and fear of the LORD. If GOD dwells in someone, automatically his life will be settled; He will do the work of GOD and will flourish in the Christian faith.

Constant Delegate specified that this teaching is detailed in the book entitled “THE HOLY SPIRIT” that everyone should take time to read and meditate.

After this course we shared a meal together and then we’ll rest for the worship service on Sunday.

Sunday December 28, 2014

 Topic: The Human heart

Basic text: Matthew 15, 17-20

 The human heart is the center’s decision. It is the heart that is born feelings and thoughts. The heart is the factory of our thoughts and our actions. It is the bad content of the heart which defiles the man. When a heart is filled with the word of GOD, it is not possible to engage lying, fornication, slander, backbiting, jealousy, covetousness, wickedness and similar things. A heart that is not occupied by the WORD of GOD will be automatically filled evil. Each is attached to his heart like (Matthew 6, 21). One who wants to love GOD must cast the works of darkness and keep the WORD of GOD in his heart.Whoever loves life must keep his heart more than all other things for out of it come the springs of life (Proverbs 4, 23).

 During this worship service, a child was presented to GOD. This child’s presentation was followed by a lot of praise to the Lord who through this birth increases our number.

 The worship service was closed with the performance of the hymn N° 800.

 After the family’s picture, we shared in the joy the meal prepared by ours beloved.

 We thank the Lord for his assistance throughout the program.


 Brother Dan Sonafouo