Holiday Special to the RJ2R


Holiday Special to the RJ2R

From July 5 to September 6, 2014

Instrument of communication and spread of the gospel,always at the service of its listeners, the RJ2R opens to young Christians a very interesting framework of expression through among other the holidays’ internships, the radio programs, the challenges, the discussions and the debates.

– The holidays’ internship which offers young people a free training in journalism and wave techniques is open to all. It is an opportunity to discover talents and thus profiler a shining career.

– Your radio program ‘JEVICIADES’ is a game show-and-challenge leading the youth in both to read and to master the Holy Bible, the literature of the Church, the Organization and the Institutions of the Church and of the news.

The following table includes the various assemblies selected for the competition:

Group A Group B Group C Group D

The competition starts on July 13 by the “knockout” stage. All competitors by Assembly are requested to be there that day from 2:00 PM precise on the premise of the radio at Tsinga.


LIVING YOUTH FOR CHRIST PAGE/HIGHLIGH LIVING YOUTH FOR CHRIST ‘, is a program of Exchange, of discussions that tends the pole to the youth to speak according to « it is written » on topics and suggestive themes.

This radio program will take place according to the following schedule.


Date Ecclesiastic




Topic of the Day
July 09, 2014 West Mendong The Young face of ICT
July 16, 2014 North Elig-Edzoa Pride and its consequences in the life of the young


July 23, 2014 East Kondengui Youth and future
July 30, 2014 Centre Nkomkana The child, corporal punishment and work


August 06, 2014 South Nkoldongo Can we succeed only abroad?
August 16, 2014 North Etoudi Holidays: Development or entertainment?


August 20, 2014 Mbalmayo Can young people acknowledge the ignorance nowadays?


The participation and collaboration of all, parents, servants of God, young is strongly desired for the smooth and the radiance of this program. A contribution that radio has always known count to move forward, and without which we cannot avail ourselves.

At the finish, stay connected on the frequencies best, 95.0 FM in these holidays!


The Director of Communication

   REV Pastor TCHANA Landry

Bulletin of Announcements July 2014


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Beloved in the Lord, Hallelujah!

It is with transports of joy that I write these few lines as an editorial of our monthly internal newsletter, the Bulletin of Announcements, continually making thanksgiving to our GOD, Creator of all things and the Father of our Redeemer JESUS. To Him be glory and honor forever and ever, amen!

We are grateful to the Lord JESUS for all the blessings that He pours out His people, and particularly on pupils and students. They spent the school and the academic year in very good condition, and several complete it successfully. We say thank you to the Lord for their promotion to the next class. Those from First School Living Certificate already began to rejoice for their results. We expect with a lot of confidence the results of other tests. We extend our congratulation to those who have succeeded in this year and, in anticipation, to those who are still waiting for their results. We know that many children are waiting for the Living youth for Christ (JEVIC) award as in previous years. The Living Youth for Christ Newsletter (JEVIC-Info) it was reported that the ceremony will not take place this year. And what is the reason? It is not to penalize children, but to solve a fundamental problem involved in their supervision. Indeed, the atmosphere is the result of doing things in a superficial way just by looking the festive side. It was noted that all stakeholders in the supervision of young people do not play their role as it should. The measure was taken in order to bring each other to comply with the provisions established by the Church. This is necessary if we want the survival of the Living Youth for Christ, the nursery of the Church….

Beloved, the holidays are a very delicate time for our offspring. This is a time that requires a lot of attention from the parents. It is during this period that many damages occur and the idleness leads our children in unfortunate situations. It is therefore necessary for parents to take all necessary steps to take good care of them. We must make them effectively busy in the work that will help them   acquire extra-curricular knowledge. By the Living Youth for Christ (JEVIC), the Church organizes each year the Living Youth for Christ Useful Holidays’ Program, which is designed for youth mentoring, with the aim to deal with them during the holidays for activities to make them grow, both in terms of spiritual (the prayer, the testimony, the cantors, the campaigns of evangelization …) and the physical and intellectual domain (ancillary activities such as masonry, painting, music, farms, kitchen …). This program is very useful and should know the total membership of the Servants of GOD and parents. The goal is to keep the kids busy during the holidays usefully: if they are not at home to work, that they are occupied at the church.

This program is designed to take away the idleness off our children, and protect them from destructive activities such as excessive Television. Most often this program ends in celebration with cultural activities marked by concerts, conferences and large worship service. This gives the learners returning to school, being well motivated.

We must not forget to pray for this vacations time for the safety and health of all the children. May the Lord protects them and gives them to spend pleasant holidays and resume the new academic year in good conditions.

In this issue, we have our topics and other information for our Christian home. As a reminder, we issued the circular letter of July6, 1990.

We will continue to thank all those near and far, help us in accomplishing our mission: to inform, to disseminate information throughout the Work of GOD within and to the outside the country.
While wishing you a good reading of this newsletter, I leave you with hope in the Lord to meet you next month.
In the peace of the Lord JESUS-CHRIST!


The Director of Publishing and Communication



The Direction of Publishing and Communication mourns the death of the Pastoral Delegate Emmanuel YAKAM, Head of Assembly of Bonamoussadi in Douala, which occurred on June 29, 2014 in Douala.
The program of the funerals will be announced later.