Postponement of Yagoua convention

 The Convention of the north and Chad which was to take place from 10 to 13 July 2014 in Yagoua was postponed to a later date.

PRESS RELEASE: Faith that saves





Beloved in the Lord,

We greet you by the word of GOD in Matthew 28, 19: “go therefore and make disciples of all nations (…)”.

In the context of the resumption of its activities, The Newspaper “The faith that saves” invites all those who want to be part of the editorial team of the Newspaper to kindly send their articles to Brother Jean-Baptiste KENMOE of Assembly of Biyem-Assi (Yaoundé), Phone: 77 60 71 35 Email:; or to brother Guy Ronsard KENFACK of the Assembly of Cité-Verte (Yaoundé), Phone: 75 35 04 18 Email:

Also, in the context of an imminent release, it is brought to the knowledge of potential editors that the substantive topic of the next issue will focus on the INSECURITY; the articles should be received no later than 09 June 2014. However, papers on any other topic are welcome.

Moreover, it is important to emphasize the attention of all that the writings must scrupulously observe the following criteria:

1 – The evangelical style: the article must give GOD’s solution to the problems of men.

2- The apolitical: The article should not embrace political and ideological Nations’ debates.

3 – Avoid the struggle of religions: The article should not fall into the satire of religions.

4 – Brevity: The article should be concise and precise.


For further information, kindly refer to the foregoing addresses.


Yaoundé, May 25, 2014

The Interim publishing Director

Brother Jean-Baptiste KENMOE

Special worship service of May 18, 2014 at Nkomkana

On Sunday May 18, 2014, was held a special worship in the Assembly Nkomkana (Yaoundé-Cameroon).This worship service was chaired by the Reverend Pastor TCHANA LANDRY acting Secretary of the Yaoundé ecclesiastical Centre Department, showed the presence of several new people, invited a few days earlier by the beloved of the Assembly. A great joy presided over this meeting where from input the animation was led by brother David ANYA.The announcements that follow were read by the Pastoral Delegate MVOGO Jean Kizito, the head of the said Assembly, whom will also return to the duty to make a solemn reading from the book of Luke 15:11-24.

The Preaching that would follow was a clarion call to repentance. In an air of joy, the preacher would invite everyone to return to GOD. Far from GOD, men dissipate their good living in sin. Health is something that GOD has given us, physical strength, intelligence, even the material resources are goods that GOD has given to men and which should serve to their development and to the glory of GOD. But regardless of this, everyone in the sin has used these goods, some for prostitution, fornication, idolatry, pernicious sects or alcoholic beverages… in a word in debauchery. The consequences are diseases, disappointments, destroyed families, bitter life, multiple disorders…

Like the prodigal son, GOD only wants us to return to Him, that we recognize our sin and ask Him for forgiveness. He won’t lay a nasty look on anyone. He won’t ask anyone why he sinned, but he will be glad to see a sinner who repents (Luke 15:7).

After the sermon, there would be proceeded to the presentation of three children to GOD according to Luke 18.15. It was recalled that the Bible cannot baptize little children, but they are presented to GOD to participate in the grace of the Church.

The Lord has healed several patients of various diseases including a gentleman who came to the Church and who could not walk without his stick but who went back walking freely. And several people have agreed to return to their creator. We pray that the Lord supports them.

One of the highlights will surely was the fact that this worship service was followed live by the Assembly of Skype consisting of beloved from abroad. They had the opportunity to greet the church and it produces joy in the hearts of each other.

For when I am weak, then I am strong

Bible 8Beloved, I invite you to meditate on this reflection. My prayer is that the Lord uses these few words to strengthen you in the Christian faith in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Lire la suite

Pastor Paulain Blog has been updated

Pasteur-PaulainWe inform you that the Pastor Paulin Blog is continuously updated and you will find information of the church, actvities of the pastor and very edifying teachings and advice. You even have the option of answer him questions or send him a letter. The blog is available at:

Do not forget to read there teaching:

“When I am weak, then I am strong”

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