December 2014’s Living Youth for Christ “JEVIC INFOS”

Living Youth for Christ Members, beloved readers,

The Living Youth for Christ Useful Holidays 2014 is now stored in the drawers of the Living Youth for Christ event-history. Indeed, for several months now, the paper lanterns were definitely off this holiday program. From Yaoundé to Bamenda, through Douala, Ngaoundéré and many other cities, we have had the good fortune and happiness of admiring young Christians, committed and determined to flourish in the context of both spiritual and cultural activities that were cogitative and cognitive. This means that for more than two months, they cheerfully and resolutely furbished their weapons in order to fight societal vices associated with aimless, idleness and laziness, bringing the pinnacle values and virtues cardinal of effort, work and action. We strongly hope that the next edition of the. Living Youth of Christ Useful holidays “JVU can take place in this context, to the delight of the Living Youth for Christ Members, especially for the praise of the glory of our God.

Goodbye holidays, welcome classes! Now we are already at the end of a school’s l term. That time flies! The logical continuation of the previous edition that provided you with advice and guidance on the preparation of examinations and competitions, it is given here to receive useful precepts to experience the joys of the school preeminence and academic excellence in this New Year. When the peroration of the current year is approaching to leap, it is with joy that JEVIC-Infos wish you, in advance, a happy year 2015, under the benevolent auspices of the King of the Ages, the Lord GOD of Hosts. May the Lord be favorable to us until the next release! Happy reading!

Daniel Claude BILLE KOME



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«JEVICIENS» & Dears readers

O! Whereas it is nice to submit your illustrated reading number 27 JEVIC-info, the newsletter reassuringly and conquering Christian youth! Let’s face it with at the outset: since the last edition, much water has flowed under the bridge. Such expectation is certainly within some hazards and delays of the time. Now, somehow we of that statement of the cloudy mists of the past relish the fabulous delights of our warm reunion and plan us blithely in a tomorrow with innovation, maturation and… (re) energizing.

Yes, reviving. For some, it is that of property big word, which would be founding an inevitably narrative meaningless. Far from it! At a time where ‘Holiday-JEVIC useful’ is about to be launched under the sign of the revitalization of the JEVIC, it is more than ever urgent for the valiant «Jeviciens» to just measure the status and historical role assigned to them, effectively contributing to the success of this program become traditional. Today more than ever, the Church needs young brothers and sisters who, steeped in with the vision of GOD, will be able to draw upon their strength and vitality juveniles for the expansion of the Gospel of CHRIST. There is food for thought and action. In the same vein, all agree on the urgency for the triad of actors involved in the supervision of «Jeviciens »- parents, youth and pro Servants of GOD – to join them to confer concreteness hardware to the steps taken by the ecclesiastical hierarchy, for a better institutional organization of JEVIC in all its local, departmental and regional expressions.

Before starting the peroration of this opening section, proceed to a brief presentation of some major trends that constitute the content of this publication. As you might imagine and expect this edition gives you the opportunity to be informed about the activities of JVU 2014 programs in some localities. In addition, it performs a retrospective based on a few memories of the last week Evangelical (SEMEVA 2014). On the other hand, you may remember that during the ‘Convention of the fiftieth anniversary”, the Man of GOD Nestor TOUKEA made the announcement of the next opening of University of the True Church of God of Cameroon (TCGC). This academic institution, which will provide a framework for the development of heuristic and first time graduated young Christians of tertiary education and integrated training, comprehensive and integrative their cadets, then crown the progressive investment and procedural work of the church in the field of education and training of men. The current edition could not fail to make a vibrant evocation of this announcement that will certainly remain engraved in the event annals of the church. Now it only remains for us to wish you a pleasant reading, waiting, as usual, your comments and constructive suggestions. Once again, happy reading!