Juvenile and adult delinquency

La délinquance juvénile et adulteKiosk: just published the third edition of the book juvenile and adult delinquency . Adult and juvenile delinquency are a reflection paper, an effective tool of a good education and improving the socio-economic life in the world. Lire la suite

The fight of faith

Le combat de la foiIt is the history of the early hours of the evangelical work in the Ministry of the explanation of the book. It is with fear and trembling that we present this book. Lire la suite

Accomplished servant

Le serviteur accompliAny service can be learned. And the service of God is learned every day. We are pleased to present Christianity this “practical guide to the priesthood.”

It meets a double need

– Despite their goodwill and dedication, many servants of God fail to bear fruit that remains, simply because they ignore the rules of the spiritual fight.

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Tell us Pastor

Couverture Livre2Yet the world quickly realized the need to train its workers in all areas (social, political, economic, etc.). The “servants of Caesar” are accustomed to quality services. The improvisation and the nearly are outdated. A fortiori those who watch over our souls should they apply!

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